The photographs are described starting at the top left of the page and going clockwise.

Top Left: Composite photograph from left to right of Robert Palumbo, Jean Murray, Richard Diver, an anonymous researcher from the University of Minnesota who refused to give his name, and Aldo Steinfeld relaxing in front of the concentrator at the University of Minnesota.

Top Right: Gilles Flamant and Jean-Marie Badie working on fullerene synthesis at the 2kW solar furnace at the Institut de Science et de Ge´nie des Mate´riaux et Proce´de´s, (IMP-CNRS) in Odeillo, France. Photographed by Gilles Hernandez.

Bottom Right: Christian Sattler, Martin Roeb, and Jorgen Ortner standing in front of the PROPHIS (Parabolic through-facility for organic photochemical synthesis in sunlight) at the Deutsches Zentrum fu¨r Luft-und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR) in Koeln, Germany. Photographed by Lamark de Oliveira.

Bottom Left: From left to right, Francois Broust, Enrique Elorzaa-Ricart (Ph.D....

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