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Exploring Conference Proceedings Content

Conference Proceedings are organized for your ease of use by Conference Series, Subject Categories, Proceedings Year, and Topic Collection.

Conference Series consists of a listing of all conference proceedings on the site by the conference series acronym in alphabetical order. Selecting a series will take you to a Series page providing the option to access that series content by Year and drill down to the individual Volume and Paper Level.

Subject Categories groups conference series into eight high level subject categories by similar subject affinity. For example all series related to power and energy are grouped under the Power and Energy subject category, and so on.

Browse by Year allows you to access content by calendar year of the conference.

Searching by Topic Collection is one of the most comprehensive methods of searching content on the Digital Collection. All content across all products, i.e., Journals, Proceedings, eBooks can be searched by 33 major Topic Collection areas. You can then filter your search to the specific type of publication. Entering a key word on the top search field on the Topic Collection page allows you to filter down to publication type or more refined specific topics under the main topic area.

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