Shaking table tests of three-dimensional piping models with degradation were conducted in order to investigate the influence of degradation on dynamic behavior and failure modes of piping systems. The degradation condition induced in the piping models was about 50 percent full circumferential wall thinning at elbows. Four types of models were made for the shaking table tests by varying the location of wall thinning in the piping models. These models were excited under the same input acceleration until the models failed and a leak of pressurized internal water occurred. Through these tests, the change of the vibration characteristics and processes to failure of degraded piping models were obtained. The deformation of the piping models tended to concentrate on the degraded elbows, and the damage was concentrated on the weakest elbow in the piping models. The failure mode of the piping models was a low-cycle fatigue failure at the weakest elbow.

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