Jan Kysela was one of the leading scientists and technology experts in the area of nuclear fission and fusion research in the Czech Republic. He passed away in December 2015.

Jan’s contribution to nuclear water chemistry, utilization of research reactors, and nuclear fusion research strongly impacted the technology development on both the national and international scientific scenes. Working in Řež, the nuclear research valley located in the outskirts of Prague, there was hardly a place that was not, in one way or another, influenced by the spirit and doings of Jan Kysela. He worked in Řež for almost 50 years as a researcher, research reactor services director, and scientific director in the Nuclear Research Institute (ÚJV Řež) and in the Research Centre Řež. Jan Kysela introduced fusion research and supported the expansion of activities related to generation IV research to the portfolio of research priorities.

Jan Kysela studied at the...

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