For 42 years, the Mechanisms and Robotics (M&R) Conference has provided an international venue for presentation and discussion of the latest scientific and technical results in the broad field of mechanical systems and their applications. This includes the design (novel mechanisms and robots, synthesis), analysis (kinematics, dynamics, computational approaches, and software systems), applications (from micro-air vehicles, modular robotics, origami applications, medical robotics, to exoskeleton-assistive systems), and educational practices. This fifth IDETC Special Issue contains selected papers from active researchers that have presented results of archival value. The reader will appreciate the wide span of topics showcasing the diversity and quality of the symposia that were organized within the M&R conference.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the editor Professor Venkat Krovi for his guidance and support during our editorial work. We are also grateful to the reviewers who have dedicated their time and effort to ensure the quality of the journal within a tight schedule.