Fuel gas cleanup processing significantly influences overall performance and cost of IGCC power generation. The raw fuel gas properties (heating value, sulfur content, alkali content, ammonia content, “tar” content, particulate content) and the fuel gas cleanup requirements (environmental and turbine protection) are key process parameters. Several IGCC power plant configurations and fuel gas cleanup technologies are being demonstrated or are under development. In this evaluation, air-blown, fluidized-bed gasification combined-cycle power plant thermal performance is estimated as a function of fuel type (coal and biomass fuels), extent of sulfur removal required, and the sulfur removal technique. Desulfurization in the fluid bed gasifier is combined with external hot fuel gas desulfurization, or, alternatively with conventional cold fuel gas desulfurization. The power plant simulations are built around the Siemens Westinghouse 501F combustion turbine in this evaluation. [S0742-4795(00)00502-0]

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