The calculation of heat rates for a theoretical steam cycle with an infinite number of heaters regenerating feedwater to throttle saturation temperature is facilitated by the development of a simple tabular-integration method of computation which takes into account boiler-feed-pump work. A table of theoretical heat rates is presented for throttle-steam conditions, ranging from 300 to 3200 psia, and from saturation temperature to 1200 F, and for an absolute exhaust pressure of 1 in. of mercury. Means are provided for calculating heat rates at other exhaust pressures within the wet-steam region. These heat rates serve two purposes, i.e., (1) as a standard of power-plant performance; and (2), as a first step in estimating regenerative-cycle economy at unfamiliar steam conditions. The derivation of factors necessary to complete economic estimates, however, must await a more favorable opportunity. In the meantime, existing plant records can be made to provide approximate factors as substitutes for those it is hoped will be computed and published later. The economy of using superheated steam, integral moisture extraction, etc., are discussed briefly. An Appendix provides full directions for using or adapting the tabular-integration method for steam-cycle studies.

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