Phenomena related to turbulence interactions with shock waves have been studied in detail. The present investigation is focused on interactions of a normal shock wave with homogeneous/grid-generated turbulence. When a shock wave formed in a shock-tube is passed through a grid, the induced flow behind the shock has the features of a compressible flow with free-stream turbulence. The decaying turbulence is subjected to an interaction with the reflected shock traveling in the opposite direction. Data were sampled simultaneously from four channels of high frequency response pressure transducers and dual hot-wires probes. A cold-wire was used to provide instantaneous total temperature measurements while a single hot-wire provided instantaneous mass flux measurements. Amplification of velocity and temperature fluctuations and dissipative length scales has been found in all experiments. Velocity fluctuations of large eddies are amplified more than the fluctuations of small eddies. The dissipative length scale, however, of the large eddies is amplified less than the length scale of the small eddies.

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