5R4. Mechanics of Composite Structures. - LP Kollar and GS Springer. Cambridge UP, Cambridge, UK. 2003. 480 pp. ISBN 0-521-80165-6. $95.00.

Reviewed by M-A Erki (Dept of Civil Eng, Royal Military Col of Canada, PO Box 17000 Station Forces, Kingston ON, K7K 7B4, Canada).

This comprehensive book presents traditional topics of structural mechanics that target the topics of interest for designers of aerospace, land, and marine structures, namely plates, beams, and shells, including where appropriate the analyses for their buckling, vibrations, deformations, and displacements. While the topics are familiar to designers using isotropic materials, in this book they are presented for anisotropic composite materials of all types, which are long-fiber composites, short-fiber composites, particulate composites, unidirectional lamina, biaxial weave woven fabric, and triaxial weave woven fabric. Chapter 1 illustrates these materials. It describes the structure of laminate composites and how the individual plies contribute to the laminate behavior. The chapter...

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