This research explores the possibility of upscaling bio-inspired designed soft robots in transport engineering application with the focus on grabbing and manipulating break bulk such as windmill blades or rolls of steel. Upscaling current state soft robotic systems includes challenges regarding the structural strength of the robot. Also certain actuation methods could be affected by upscaling the actuators as well. The design of the proposed bio-inspired soft robot is determined by analysing the functions and constraints of the design as well as evaluating different types of gripping solutions based on the different types of shapes of the object. In this research the claw gripping is selected to be applied in break bulk manipulation. This gripping solution could potentially be combined with the vacuum gripping solution to be able to manipulate more types of objects. The three fingers of the claw are designed based on the trunk of an elephant as the trunk of an elephant can lift heavy loads and can therefore be seen as a good starting point to design a high load capacity gripper.

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