To guarantee the safety of nuclear reactor, the stress analysis and structural integrity evaluations of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) are very important for Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR), whose design temperature and design pressure are 700 °C and 0.5MPa respectively. In this paper, the structural analysis is firstly carried out by using a 3D coarse model of the RPV. Secondly, the reactor core support are recalculated by a sub-model with a fine mesh and the analysis results are evaluated according to ASME NH code, including stress evaluation, strain and deformation evaluation and creep-fatigue evaluation. It was found that the initial structural did not meet the requirements of creep-fatigue limits. Finally, structural optimization designs are proposed, such as T-shaped modified structure and fillet design, whose results can satisfy the requirements of creep-fatigue limits. These analysis methods and results provide some practical engineering guidance to the structural design and safety evaluation of the RPV in TMSR.

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