Inspection rules in JSME Fitness-for-service (FFS) Code have been developed as a combination of conventional In-Service Inspection (ISI), that had been established for every class of components, and specific inspection that has been recently added, considering realistically occurring and propagating phenomena based on the damage modes such as Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) and the positions where the damage mode appears. It is considered that some inspection rules of Japanese FFS Code could be modified as more rational ones, reflecting some experimental studies, accumulation of field inspection data, development of inspection techniques, and so on. In this paper, a proposal of the author, who is taking part in development and maintenance of the inspection rules of JSME FFS Code, is described on how to revise the inspection rules in order to realize more appropriate inspection in the future. In addition, modification of examination volume of weld joint at pressure boundaries, and the other items studied are described as the examples of the revision policy of inspection rules mentioned above.

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