Performance of lignite-fueled power plants can be improved by predrying the lignite and it is influenced by the characteristics of drying heat source. Heat source for lignite predrying in power plants can be high-temperature flue gas, boiler exhaust gas and extraction steam. Nevertheless, balance point among drying safety, lignite drying degree and drying thermal economy cannot be located using single drying heat source. In this study, a lignite-fueled power plant with a two-stage drying system was proposed. The drying system mainly contains two fluidized bed dryers — the first stage dryer and the second stage dryer. Boiler exhaust gas and extraction steam supply the heat, respectively. The proposed power plant can attain higher lignite drying degree than the power plant in which only boiler exhaust was employed. The new power plant also features higher overall efficiency for the same lignite drying degree compared with extraction steam drying power plant..

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