In this paper the overall performance of a new advanced mixed cycle (AMC), fed by hydrogen-rich fuel gas, has been evaluated. Obviously, hydrogen must be produced and here we have chosen the coal gasification for its production, quantifying all the thermal and electric requirements. At first, a simple combination between hydrogen production section and power section is performed. In fact, the heat loads of the first section can be satisfied by using the various raw syngas cooling, without using some material streams taken from the power section, but also without using part of heat, available in the production section and rejected into the environment, in the power section. The final result is very poor: over 34%. Then, by using the Pinch Technology, a more efficient, even if more complex, solution can be conceived: in this case the overall efficiency is very interesting: 39%. These results are very similar to those of a combined cycle power plant, equipped with the same systems and analyzed under the same hypotheses. The final result is very important because the “clean” use of coal in new power plant types must be properly investigated: in fact coal is the most abundant and the cheapest fossil fuel available on earth; moreover, hydrogen production, by using coal, is an interesting outlook because hydrogen has the potential to become the main energy carrier in a future sustainable energy economy.

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