This study focuses on fundamental characteristics of DME combustion, aiming at the development of low-NOx multi-ports burner. Multi-ports burner consists of a fuel-port and surrounding multi-air-ports. The strong re-circulation flow is formed by the small air jets, thus the short flames form a cluster on every burner unit so that the thermal NOx generation is significantly suppressed to a very low level. The NOx emission of the DME from the co-axial diffusion burner was over 130ppm beyond the level of the other fuels. On the other hand; NOx emission of DME from the newly advanced multi-ports burner was reduced to 60ppm at 0% O2. With the help of the low-NOx combustion system, referred to as the tube-nested combustion, NOx emission of DME was further reduced to 20ppm at 0% O2.

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