The difference between the highest and the lowest load has become bigger and bigger with the development of the economics and society. How to got maximum economic benefit and higher operation reliability of unit has become the seeking goal of many researchers and workers. Although there are many methods (such as local optimum, inheritance arithmetic, Lagrange and Equivalent Polyhedron Method et al.) for the optimum regulating burden of thermal power units based on economy. However, the theme for the optimum regulating burden hasn’t been commendably solved. In this paper, it is first time to investigation on Dynamic Rule Method for optimum load-burden about turbine units of thermal power plant basing on the Economy and the Reliability (DRMER). First of all, the different optimum load method has been analyzed, and the DRMER is presented. And the same time, the optimum economical adjustment mathematic models with DRMER of regulating peak load for units are also presented, then the optimum load-burdening characteristics of units are ascertained in different optimum method, and the merit and demerit have been analyzed. The research results shows that DRMER is more proper to optimize load of unit, the economical benefits is higher than that of other optimum method obviously, and can get higher operation reliability of unit. The method and the results can be the reference of optimum economical load adjustment about the similar thermal power units.

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