The paper presents vibration analysis on the boiler feed water pump in thermal power plants. In the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), mechanical vibration diagnosis of rotating machinery has been carried out, and got good results. However, in some cases, abnormal condition of machine at an initial stage couldn’t specify, or a machine’s life didn’t predict, because of diagnosing only by tendency of vibration severity. Mechanical vibration diagnoses are typical diagnosing method on the operating condition of the rotating machines, which are well known as one of the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). It has already been established theoretically, however the actual activities of the vibration diagnosis are required special experiences, especially for the prediction of abnormal condition of rotating machine such as imbalance, and misalignment, and also prediction of bearing failures, etc., These diagnostics have been used for about 30 years in various fields of industries. Therefore, both of the condition survey such as tendency management of vibration severity and condition analysis such as frequency analysis and wave analysis, by using vibrometers, are applied for several power plants of the TEPCO.

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