Fuji Electric Group has sold many 100kW phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) generation systems. These PAFC systems have achieved the initial development goal of a cell life of 40,000 hours (approximately 5 years). The first set of second-commercial-type 100kW PAFC (FP-100F) has been operated since December 2001 at a training institute of Fuji Electric Human Resources Development Center Co., Ltd. The facility has introduced a new energy generation system composed with a 100kW PAFC, a 26kW micro gas turbine and a 10kW photovoltaic generation. This new energy generation system aims to save energy with mainly use PAFC for supplying electrical power, and micro gas turbine for heat demand. This system has been achieved to reduce CO2 emissions of 30%, and to save energy of 13% during December 2001 to March 2004, compared with conventional commercial electric power and a boiler.

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