In the same sea area, with the increase of the number of operations, the situation of jack up offshore drilling platform carrying out secondary or multiple Jack-up leg embedment operations in the vicinity, or even in the same location will increase year by year. Therefore, the operation of jack up offshore drilling platform makes the sea area “step on the footprints” The problems become more and more frequent, and have a significant impact on the operation safety of offshore platforms. During the “footprint” process of jack-up drilling platform, the spudcan will slide transversely along the direction of Jack-up leg pits to varying degrees. If the sliding distance is too large, the leg or platform structure will be damaged. Based on the symmetrical structure of the three-leg jack-up offshore platform, the bow and the starboard spudcan are slided along x-axis at different angles, respectively. According to the critical bearing capacity of the platform legs, the critical distance of spudcans sliding is calculated. Finally, the relationship between the sliding distance of spudcan in different directions and RPD (Rack phase difference) is obtained by monitoring the RPD value of legs. It provides meaningful guidance for platform designers and operators.

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