Bellow joints are the critical part of pipelines systems buried undergrounds, which can undergo severe damage such as breaking, crushing, and bending, under strong earthquake actions. In our research work, a refined numerical analysis model of the bellow joint is studied using LS-DYNA program. Axial force and deformation of the single-wave bellow joint, under different ways of loading, such as axial compression, axial tension, one cyclic loading and cyclic loadings are investigated. The low cycle fatigue of the single-wave bellow joint is also researched. Moreover, the axial force and deformation characteristic of the multi-wave bellow joint are also studied. It shows that for the multi-wave bellow joint each wave deforms non-uniformly under axial compression, while distributed in each wave under axial tension. Through detailed numerical analysis, it turns out bellow joints have a good seismic performance.

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