The onset and progression of vortices generated by the hull of a surface combatant has been investigated for drift angles of 0, 10 and 20 degrees by means of tomographic particle image velocimetry. Vortices are seen to form on the sonar dome and fore-body of the ship model, as well as on the bilge keels, and on the after-body. Two major streamwise vortex systems were identified: the vortices generated by the sonar dome and the vortices generated on the fore-body of the hull. Leading edge and crossflow vortices form on the bilge keels, and on the windward side, these vortices merge. Vortices are also seen to form on the afterbody of the hull at increased drift angles. Frequency analysis of the sonar dome vortex at drift angle 20 degrees reveals a dominant frequency of approximately 3 Hz.

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