Chevron North America Exploration and Production (CNAEP) has successfully used Multiphase Pumps (MPP) in its thermally enhanced heavy oil operations in San Joaquin Valley, California since March 2000. MPP’s are used to transfer produced fluids, solids, gas and sometimes steam. These pumps allowed Chevron to eliminate the need for numerous field tanks, gas pipelines, vapor recovery facilities and permits associated with thermally enhanced heavy oil operations. This case history will discuss three different applications of MPP’s used for boosting flowing wells, boosting rod pump wells and finally used as charge pumps for Heater Treaters to solve reliability issues. This paper will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these installations and share lessons learned regarding design and maintenance. Specific design issues to be discussed include operating conditions, seals, metallurgy and control philosophy as well as design considerations for new pump installations.

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