In the present work two different types of case studies are modelled, carried out involving the fusing of a material using the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software Ansys Fluent, using the VOF method (Volume of Fluid) to capture the position of the existing interfaces and the Solidification/melting method which uses an enthalpy-porosity approach to simulate the fusion of the material.

The first case focus itself in the analysis of fusing process and dropping behavior of the melted plate in the presence of a thermal source. The validation is made using a study found in the bibliography and then using water as the melting material given that its behavior is well known. Then tin is used as the melting material followed by the use of SAC 405 as the melting plate. This study compares various materials properties and verifies the influence of some of these particular properties by changing them (surface tension and heat of fusion).

The second case focus on the simulation of a geometry obtained at balance at a constant temperature by the SAC 405 soldering alloy in the presence of a component and the copper substrate on top of a PCB.

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