The use of air containment systems has been a growing trend in the data center industry and is an important energy saving strategy for data center optimization. Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) is one of the most effective passive cooling solutions for high density heat load applications. Cold Aisle Containment provides a physical separation between the cold air and the hot exhaust air by enclosing the cold aisle, preventing hot air recirculation and cold air bypass. This separation provides uniform inlet air temperatures to the servers, which can further contribute to overall data center efficiency.

This paper includes the thermal test data for a data center lab with and without a CAC set up. The paper quantifies the thermal impact of implementing a CAC system over an open Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle (HA/CA) arrangement for three different cabinet heat load conditions at two different CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) return air set point conditions. It studies the advantages of CAC over standard HA/CA arrangement. A case study has been presented showing a cooling energy savings of 22% with the use of a CAC system over a standard HA/CA arrangement.

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