Traditionally, pipeline management has been accomplished using information derived from a variety of instrumentation, such as turbine meters, pressure and temperature sensors and densitometers and viscometers. This information has been delivered to tire operating staff via a SCADA system, feeding appropriate computation and display systems.

However, there is a new pipeline management system deriving all its information from a single instrument, the clamp-on transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter. This system is capable of obtaining the same information as conventional systems, but in a more coordinated and optimized fashion.

The clamp-on transit-time system has already proven to be remarkably effective in providing more timely data, and in a form extremely useful to the operating staff. Pipeline staff can view actual operating conditions quickly, and with more insight than is available from the traditional methods. This networked system, has now been made available as either an independent system, or one which is combined with its related Pipeline Leak Detection function.

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