Unified gas transmission system which includes about 140 thousand kilometres of pipelines has been developed in Russia. The mains of pipelines cross the regions with difficult natural and climatic conditions, that originates specific distinctions during the fulfilling of the diagnostic works.

Conception of the main gas transmission pipelines that is based on the determination of potential danger parts and individual inspection of each large-scale gas transmission pipeline has been presented in this work. Estimation procedure of flaw detection results with the purpose of operational capability prognostication of a gas transmission pipeline is also shown in this paper. The fields of application of the early and standard diagnostics are considered, and the analysis of possibility of inpipe and outpipe (from the ground) flaw detection is given in the conditions of Russia too. Practical samples of the diagnostics of gas transmission pipelines and technological equipment in several regions (Orenburg, West Siberia, Central Russia) are presented also.

Integrated inspection program of RAO “Gazprom” gas transmission pipelines is shown and the main procedures of its realization beginning since 1995 are given in this document.

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