Dynamic measurement of drop-weight tear test (DWTT) and pipe burst test for 356 mm outer diameter and 9.5 mm wall thickness steel pipe were conducted using high-speed camera. Crack velocity in the DWTT were 10 m/s during the steady state. Crack Tip Opening Angle (CTOA) values measured in the DWTT showed the constant value of about 20.1° during steady state propagation. On the other hand, crack velocity in the burst test showed monotonically decreasing during crack propagation from 200 m/s but it was found that CTOA value kept constant value of about 13.2° until crack arrest irrespective of the crack velocity. These results showed the validation of the CTOA criterion for the high-pressure gas pipelines. The results also showed that CTOA in a burst test is generally different from that in a test using small-scale specimen. Future developments of the experimental procedure using a small-scale specimen to provide CTOA value corresponding with that in a burst test would be effective.

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