In order to achieve safety and reliability of long-distance gas transmission pipeline installed in seismic region while obtaining economical benefit by reducing material and construction cost, it is essential to apply the high-strength linepipes with sufficient strain capacity against buckling and weld fracture by seismic ground movement. At the same time, it is quite important to develop appropriate material requirement for strain capacity depending on the pipe dimension and strain demand of the region where the pipeline is installed. Grade X80 heavy gauge linepipes with excellent deformability were mass produced by applying advanced plate manufacturing technologies. These linepipes exhibit low Y/T and high uniform elongation in the longitudinal direction even after pipe coating. Strain capacity of the pipe against bending deformation with internal pressure was verified by conducting full scale pipe bending testing. In this paper, production results of high strain X80 linepipes for the application in long-distance pipelines in seismic region and full scale pipe bending and hydraulic burst test results were introduced.

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