Large diameter pipelines of 48” and 56” traverse the Ukraine. These pipelines are the life-line for the Russian gas transit to high demand European Union (EU) markets. The high economic impact to several European regions and the complicated legislation of these pipeline systems reduces the operators’ ability to change operating conditions to better suit in-line inspection. Ukrtransgaz requested a reliable and compact inspection tool able to negotiate 1.5D bends. Thirty degree (30°) mitre bends and demanding elevation changes in the range of 1500m (4921ft) also had to be considered. The high economic impact of the pipeline systems did not allow Ukrtransgaz to reduce the high flow speed of the gas, which is more than 10 m/s (22.2mph), during the inspection. In combination with the before-mentioned elevation profile, an inspection tool with active speed control was required. As part of the planned re-assessment survey, an XYZ mapping inspection relying on an inertial navigation system was also required. The inspection solutions provided by ROSEN were multipurpose tools providing MFL technology, an XYZ mapping module and active speed control in a single body. It will be discussed in this paper how the miniaturization of electronics and computer technology is not only a key point for small diameter tools, but also essential to meet the demanding targets of inspecting large diameter gas lines. Breaking with the paradigm, that large pipe provides enough internal space, was the basis in accomplishing the demands of the operator.

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