This paper focuses on the quantitative investigation of grain growth at 500, 530, and 560 °C in reactive spray deposited Al-Mg-Mn alloys after thermo-mechanical processing and recrystallization. Results show that reactive spray deposited 5083 alloy processed using N2-5%O2, in which no significant volume fraction of oxide particles was found, experienced significant grain growth when annealed at 500, 530 and 560°C following recrystallization. On the other hand, the reactive spray deposited 5083 alloy atomized with N2-10% O2 and the 5083+Zr alloy atomized with N2-5% O2 exhibit very slow grain growth below 530°C and limited grain growth at 560°C. This behavior is attributed to the retardation effect of the second phase particles that were formed in these alloys. The grain growth exponent of the two alloys are found to depend on the annealing temperature, with a value of n = 6 at 530°C and n = 5 at 560°C. The retardation effect of the oxide particle and the grain growth kinetics are analyzed in the context of the model developed by Anderson and Grong (Acta Met., 43:2678, 1995).

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