Topological pumping supplies a robust mechanism to steer waves across a sample without being affected by disorders and defects. For the first time, we demonstrate the pumping of elastic surface waves, achieved by a smart patterning of a surface that creates a synthetic dimension, which is explored by the wave as it is launched perpendicularly to the steering direction. Specifically, we design and fabricate an elastic medium decorated with arrays of pillar-type resonators whose eigenmodes are located below the sound cone, together with coupling bridges edged according to a specific algorithm. We establish a connection between the collective dynamics of the pillars and that of electrons in a magnetic field by deriving an accurate tight-binding model and developing a WKB-type analysis suitable for such discrete aperiodic systems with spatially slow-varying couplings. This enables us to predict topological pumping pattern, which is numerically and experimentally demonstrated by steering waves from one edge of the system to the other. Finally, the immune character of the topologically pumped surface waves against disorder and defects is evidenced. The principle of surface patterning together with the WKB-analysis could provide a powerful new platform for surface wave control and exploration of topological matter in higher dimensions.

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