This paper presents an economic life cycle assessments based on the linear process model to justify investment opportunities in a National State Gas Pipelines and Power Plants Projects. The model predicts investments demand vectors of technology, human capital resource utilization, raw materials availability and environment impact categories. Thus the carbon foot print and acidification for each stage of the life cycle investment in the process design stages of economic capital resource decision matrix to the environment impact intervention matrix were simulated in a MATLAB and Excel spreadsheet environment. Therefore the economic capital utilization and environmental sustainability of the demands vectors of each stage were evaluated, categorized, ranked and correlated within targets retrospectively for investment in each stage of National Gas Company projects. The acidification (Nox, and Sox) pollution averaged 30.48ppm below the acceptable thresholds of 67.97ppm and the carbon foot prints were almost near negligible for all stages which signals an important landmark decision criteria for investments in the projects. The net impact value to shift in economic matrix demand vector sensitivity analysis using the statistical random simulations shows a correlation within 7% range deviation and the environmental impact categories were below the 25% threshold values.

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