The change in laminar burning speed and ignition delay time of iso-octane with the addition of oxygenated fuels are investigated. As oxygenated fuels, ethanol and 2,5 dimethyle furan (DMF) are used. To confirm the process and mechanism a detailed validation is done on laminar burning speed and ignition delay time. Further, three different blending ratios of 5%, 25% and 50% for both ethanol/iso-octane and DMF/iso-octane are investigated separately. Wide range of equivalence ratio from 0.6–1.4 is considered in calculating laminar burning speed. Ignition delay time is measured under various temperatures from 650 K to 1100 K. Results of each blending are compared with the pure fuels. A comparison is also done between the effects of these two oxygenates. It has found that for each blending case presence of DMF brings larger change in the behavior of iso-octane than ethanol. This observation refers to further study on comparison of these two oxygenates.

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