The integration design of high tracking performance and velocity constraint for dc motors is present in this paper. When designing advanced controllers for dc motors, it would be best to take the constraint of output velocity into consideration due to performance and/or physical limitations. A barrier Lyapunov function, which grows to infinity when its arguments approach some pre-set limits, is utilized to prevent constraint violation. By ensuring the stabilization of the barrier Lyapunov function, and imposing a hard-bound on associated error signals through the steps of the backstepping design procedure, the system output velocity constraint is guaranteed to be not transgressed. However, potential disturbances, including unmodelled dynamic effects, parametric uncertainties and external disturbances may destroy above theoretical results and degrade the tracking performance. In this paper, a finite time disturbance observer is employed and integrated with the barrier Lyapunov function based backstepping design to achieve the asymptotic tracking without the violation of the velocity constraint meanwhile overcoming the disturbances. Extensive simulation results are provided to illustrate the performance of the proposed control strategy.

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