Graduates from the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MECH) and Industrial Design (IND) Technology at New York City College of Technology are learning new skills in 3D modeling, Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and Rapid Prototyping. Two year programs in engineering technology are often short of helping students to grasp all aspects of the technology. This is mainly due to the limited number of credits allowed in 2-year programs (about 60 credits). Most graduates from both MECH and IND find employment in the local industry. Growing demand from local employers compelled the department to incorporate new components in the upper level courses in both AAS programs. Students from both programs are required to take a 60 hour (4 hours/week) Advanced Solid Modeling course (IND2304). In order to address the local industry need the department decided to modify and update IND2304. In the new course, students learn to improve their design by using some of the solid mechanics techniques, stress analysis, the role of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), rapid prototyping, and applying tolerance. Students learn 3D modeling using AutoDesk Inventor. They are required to design a team based project at the end of the semester. Students learn team work and sharing information with each other. They enhance their communication skills by presenting their work at the end of the semester. Results of this new course are very encouraging. Students get very motivated by the diversity and creativity of the new design work. Some students who graduated from both programs were able to use their new design skills and team work in their current positions in the field.

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