This paper presents the development of a micro methanol reformer for a portable fuel cell power system. The micro methanol reformer consists of a methanol steam reformer, catalytic combustor, and heat-exchanger in-between. Cu/ZnO was selected as a catalyst for methanol steam reforming and Pt for catalytic combustion of hydrogen with air. Porous ceramic material was used as a catalyst support due to large surface area and thermal stability. Photosensitive glass wafers were selected as a structural material. Catalyst loaded supports were inserted in the cavity made on the glass wafer. The membrane heat-exchanger was manufactured to increase the heat transfer between the reformer and the combustor. Performance of reformer and combustor unit was measured at various test conditions and the optimum operation condition was sought. The micro methanol reformer was heated by the catalytic combustor that generated sufficient amount of heat to sustain the steam reforming of methanol. The micro methanol reformer generated 53.7 ml/min hydrogen and the conversion of methanol was 95.7%. The generated hydrogen can operate a 4.5 W polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell.

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