A fresh approach to endorsing electronic operations (e-ops) management processes in an act to focus manufacturers by leveraging information and disseminating it in an appropriate manner. This approach allows the manufacturer to develop its core competencies while creating a foundation to strengthen the competitiveness of the operation by enhancing the interactivity between the supply chain management (SCM), customer responsive management (CRM) and corporate management (CM). The research concentrates on the Small and Medium-sized Manufacturer (SMM), as part of a group known for its limitations in finances, personnel and equipment resources. Therefore the research involves the appropriate progression of processes and the assignment of appropriate resources to carry out the processes. To achieve the goals of a more competitive manufacturer/world class manufacturer (WCM), the research develops a model and a road map for execution that is easily adaptable by SMMs. Finally, this research proposes that its e-ops tool will connect the SCM, CRM, and CM in a manner that does not call for a total revamp of the operations but rather it just strengthens the existing processes given the manufacturer’s constraints.

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