Experimental and numerical investigations of pulsatile flows in artery models have been numerous during the last two decades. For 3D artery models, numerical predictions of wall shear stresses can be rather difficult to make due to the six independent stress tensor components that may be evaluated at any particular time during the blood flow pulse. The only 3D numerical study of blood flow in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAAs) known to the authors is that of Taylor and Yamaguchi (1994), in which iso-shear stress contours are reported for an asymmetric aneurysm model. However, the projection of these stresses at the aneurysm wall is not reported. This paper presents an extension of the plane stress formulation outlined in Part I, combined with a transformation of the stress tensor, as an alternative procedure for the calculation of wall shear stresses in 3D dilated artery models, with application to asymmetric aneurysms.

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