There are many commercial foldable products in our daily life, foldable umbrellas and airbags for cars are typical examples. These are made of materials which are thin and flexible; however, it is not easy to find such convenient foldable products made of thick and rigid materials, even for cardboard boxes. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a flat foldable box made of thick panels. By the Bellow theorem we know that any flat-foldable box cannot be designed as completely closed. This means the surface of a box should have hole(s) to move panels smoothly. We design boxes with thickness which can be continuously flat-foldable. We employ the Bennett linkage for the intersections of some edges to put suitable hinges. Moreover, using the advantage of thickness of the materials, we propose a new type of hinge which can be used for both rotating panels and keeping its standing position stable. We give an example of such box with thickness and show a simulation result.

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