Miniature robots have many applications ranging from military surveillance to search and rescue in disaster areas. Nevertheless, the fabrication of such robots has traditionally been labor-intensive and time-consuming. This paper proposes to directly leverage multi-material 3D printing (MM3P) to fabricate centimeter-scale robots by utilizing soft materials to create soft joints in replacement of revolute joints. We demonstrate the capability of MM3P by creating a miniature, four-legged walking robot. Moreover, we establish a numerical method based on the Psuedorigid-Body (PRB) 1R model to predict the motion of the leg mechanism with multiple soft joints. Experimental results verify the proposed numerical method. Meanwhile, a functional walking robot actuated by a single DC motor is demonstrated with a locomotion speed of one body length/sec. The proposed design, fabrication, and analysis for the walking robot can be readily applied to other robots that have mechanisms with soft joints.

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