There are two basic types of transmissions — manual and automatic. While manual transmissions have greater transmission efficiency and better overall driving experience, it is difficult and not as easy to handle as automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions make life a lot easier for the driver but are less efficient and laggard. So, the aim of this project is to take the best of both worlds and combine it in one, i.e. a transmission system that is capable of working as both a manual and an automatic transmission. For this, we plan to automate a regular manual transmission with a manual override option on both the clutch and the gearbox systems. Motors will be used to control the clutch and the changing of gears in the gearbox. In the manual mode, the motors will be operated by user input switches (clutch pedal and stick shift). In the automatic mode, the same motors will be controlled by a control algorithm based on various inputs like weight of the car, inclination, speed of the engine and the car etc.

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