Face gear drives have many advantages over other cross axis transmissions especially in high performance applications. The lack of published design experience and design standards make their design difficult. This is mainly due to the complex geometries and to the lack of practical experience. For these reasons face gears have not been used for long. This work is aimed at investigating the behavior of a face gear transmission considering contact path under load, load sharing and stresses, for an unmodified gear set including shaft misalignment and modification on pinion profile. The investigation is carried out by integrating a 3D CAD system and a FEA code, and by simulating the meshing of pinion and gear sectors with three teeth, using contact elements and an automated contact algorithm. The procedures followed to create the 3D models of teeth in mesh are described and finite element analysis results discussed showing the differences between unmodified, modified and misaligned teeth. Results show the influence of load on theoretically calculated contact paths, contact areas, contact length and load sharing. The differences with respect to the ideal case are sometimes remarkable. Further developments are discussed.

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