In solid rocket motors (SRMS) using aluminized composite solid propellants and submerged nozzles a two-phase flow pattern is one of the main flow characteristics needs to be investigated. The modeling and validation of two-phase flow are the focus in this research field. In this paper the authors first traced the particle trajectory in a SRM chamber by using numerical method, and then developed a new experimental method to measure the particle trajectory in a SRM chamber to validate the numerical results. The experimental method was based on the RTR (X-ray Real-time Radiography) technique and high-speed motion analyzer. A special method was developed to imitate the particle injection on the propellant surface. The calculation results and measurement data show that the trajectory obtained by numerical simulation was in good agreement with the measured one by imposing proper boundary conditions. For particles with diameter of 75μm, the initial velocity factor of particle is approximately 0.4, and the particles pass through the centerline in both calculation and experiment. The present method can be extended to study the impingement of particles on the wall and other related two-phase flow patterns.

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