In the present paper a computer based method for modeling of families and family members of designend parts is suggested and presented. The product models that are built, contain “rules” for generating geometric models of part members plus nongeometric information to be used when manufacturing the parts. The geometric design “rules”, that are stored in the part family data base, consist of normalized line and are defining data to be used when generating geometry defining cross section part contours. These geometry defining data are generated automatically by the user when drawing contours in a CAD-system that is able to record the users actions, and generate the corresponding macro code. This code is interpreted by a part family storage program that stores both the interpreted geometric information, and user entered nongeometric information in the part family data base.

When creating a part family member, the stored part family data, plus data defining interacting standard components, are retrieved from data bases. The nongeometric data are written on document files, and a 3-D solid geometric model of the part member is created in the used CAD-system by extruding and/or rotating part member and standard component interface geometry contours.

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