In the numerical analysis of sodium fire event following coolant leakage in a sodium-cooled fast reactor, sufficient understanding is needed for the liquid jet atomization to estimate the combustion rate accurately. In the present work, a liquid jet was emanated vertically downward from a circular nozzle onto a liquid film formed on a horizontal plate. The droplets produced at the impact point were investigated. The splash ratio (the ratio of the mass of the splashed droplets to the jet flow rate) was measured under varied experimental conditions of nozzle diameter, fall height and flow rate of liquid jet. The experimental result depended significantly on the morphology of liquid jet upon impact. The splashing rate was negligibly small when the liquid jet impinged as the continuous jet but a significant amount of liquid was splashed when the liquid jet impinged as the broken jet. Thus, we developed a method to estimate the impact frequency. It was shown that the splash ratio can be correlated well if the impact frequency is included in the correlation.

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