In this study, fretting wear behavior of NC30Fe tubes against 1Cr13 stainless steel cylinder in distilled water and hydrazine solution was investigated at room temperature. Wear scar was analyzed systematically by NanoMap500DLS dual-mode profilometer, SEM, EDX. The results showed that the fretting logs were running in slip regime. The hydrazine solution may lead to corrosion. The friction coefficient in aqueous medium was lowered obviously, but it in distilled water was lower than that in hydrazine solution due to the effect of hydrazine solution. The wear was lightened in aqueous medium significantly, but it was more severe in hydrazine solution than that in distilled water for the reason of hydrazine solution. The abrasive wear, friction oxidation and delamination were the main wear mechanisms of NC30Fe in ambient. However, in aqueous medium the abrasive wear and delamination were the main wear mechanisms of NC30Fe.

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