In Japan, most structures on the ground surface need seismic countermeasures because of frequently earthquakes. On the other hand, vibration isolation devices are applied to precision or important equipment in several facilities that dislikes vibration in order to reduce daily vibration. In general, vibration isolation devices are intended for high frequency and small amplitude range. However, it is difficult to cut off both vibration region caused by flying object collision and seismic motion with existing technologies. The authors propose insulation of equipment and vibration transmitted through the floor by floating equipment, and have. We have devised and built an air floating device that operates when a trigger input is applied to save the energy of this dynamically acting device. It was estimated by numerical calculation that the aero floating device keeps lifting stably in the condition with the air pressure in the auxiliary air chamber about 75 to 80 kPa. The performance specifications of the proposed device were verified from shaking table test.

As a result, the effect of reducing the maximum acceleration by about 1/5 against the seismic motion of El Centro NS, Taft NS, Tohoku NS, and Hachinohe EW was confirmed by floating the mass on the frame assuming the equipment. From the obtained power spectrum diagram (PSD) of the response acceleration, it was confirmed that all frequency components up to 25 Hz is reduced by using proposed aero floating base isolation device.

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