There is an on-going effort within the ASME Section III Codes and Standards organization to develop rules for the construction of fusion-energy-related components such as vacuum vessel, cryostat and superconductor structures and their interaction with each other. The ASME Board of Nuclear Codes and Standards (BNCS) has approved this effort. These rules will be found in the new Division 4 of ASME Section III entitled “Fusion Energy Devices (BPV III)”. Other related support structures, including metallic and non-metallic materials, containment or confinement structures, fusion-system piping, vessels, valves, pumps, and supports will also be covered. These rules shall contain requirements for materials, design, fabrication, testing, examination, inspection, certification, and stamping. The new ASME Section III Sub-Group “Fusion Energy Devices” is formed and has begun the development of these rules beginning with establishing the needed Sub-Group membership and future working group support structure.

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