The Vogtle Electric Generating Plant (VEGP) Risk Managed Technical Specifications (RMTS) Implementation Program identifies a scope of selected Technical Specifications (TS) Completion Times (CTs) associated with equipment which is addressed in the plant’s Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA). For these selected CTs the TS will be amended to provide an optional action statement which permits continued operation beyond the existing CT by using risk insights to better manage plant risk. The new action requirement will determine the increase in risk as measured by the incremental configuration-specific core damage probability (ICDP) and the incremental large early release probability (ILERP) as determined by supplementing the framework of the existing Maintenance Rule a(4) Configuration Risk Management Process. The extended CT will fall within the range of the existing CT (designated at the “front stop” CT for RMTS) and a maximum of 30 days (designated as the “back stop” CT for RMTS), with the actual Risk Informed Completion Time (RICT) being determined by the configuration-specific risk assessment. The acceptability of the increase in risk which is considered temporary and even though not quantified is offset by implementing risk management actions will be assessed using processes and limits described in NEI 06-09 (Reference 1). After the License Amendment Request (LAR) is approved and implemented, the need for Notices of Enforcement Discretion (NOEDs) or exigent LARs will be reduced. After the LAR is approved neither approval nor notification of the NRC will be required prior to exercising this new, optional action requirement for those TS within the scope of the RMTS program. Although RMTS is expected to significantly increase operational flexibility and efficiency when implemented for VEGP, the impacts on baseline CDF and LERF as a result of the application of extended CTs is periodically monitored and if required appropriate corrective actions are implemented to ensure changes in baseline CDF and LERF remain acceptable.

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