The radial power distribution within the fuel rod is important in fuel integrity evaluation. In this paper, the wavelets scaling function expansion method is applied to evaluate the radial power distribution and obtain continuous-energy spectrums in the fuel rod with a temperature distribution. Wavelets scaling function expansion continuous-energy self-shielding method is developed recently. It has been validated and verified by comparison to Monte Carlo calculations. In this method, the continuous-energy cross-sections are processed by NJOY, while the multi-group nuclear data library is jeff31 issued by IAEA. However, for different temperature problems, because of Doppler effect, the continuous-energy data library is different, and should be updated by applying NJOY. The calculation efficiency is a problem needed to be improved. Therefore, in this paper, the interpolation is utilized to obtain the continuous-energy cross-sections for other temperatures between those given temperatures. Also the precision of the temperature interpolation is discussed. Finally, the differences of continuous-energy spectrums, reaction rates and k-inf results are presented and compared with MCNP calculation.

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